What Should I Do When It’s Hot?

In some parts of the USA recently, it has been hot. Depending on your personal preference, this may mean you have perfect days to work outside, or you want to know what you should do to avoid the heat!

It is possible to avoid the heat by doing as much work as possible as early as possible in the day. This may mean getting up a bit earlier to garden or start outdoor chores (such as feeding horses, pulling weeds, planting vegetable starts, etc.). If you’re like me & you are OK with the heat, just make sure you have plenty to drink!

What’s Happening During the Coronavirus Outbreak…

This outbreak is creating challenges with the stay-at-home order, etc. However, it does provide a quiet time for attention to the yard and gardening is becoming important. It’s great if you have a planting calendar. My peas went out slightly late this year; so they aren’t as mature as they would have been otherwise; but they are doing OK. I plan to wait it out for them. Lettuce is another early crop. The first seeding is probably ready to pick, unless you had to wait because of rain (like I did). I plan to start a second round of seeds this weekend. Being able to grow your food at home is an excellent way to save money during this time – especially if you already had seeds you were planning on planting anyways.

Mixing It Up for March!

Now is the month to choose what you want to plant if you haven’t already & start planning when to start your first seedlings! I myself am thinking of changing things up this year & planting snap peas, lettuce & carrots in my garden in addition to the lavender which is there from last year. I will pull these up when I’m ready to put out my tomatoes; except for maybe my snap peas. They have grown well alongside my tomatoes in the past. I can plant them inside the cages & grow them up the sides. This works because they have shallow roots, while the tomatoes are deep rooted. I plan to leave the scrapped pea plants in the garden to decompose to improve the soil when I pull them. I’m also going to start some herbs here at home…