Ready for March?

Are you ready to get going for this year? I am! This has been a benefit of the pandemic – more time to plant, care for a garden and have homegrown food and herbs.

I have already put out my first crops (plant seeds every two weeks so they mature sequentially & don’t die all at once). It extends the time you can eat from your garden. I started with peas, broccoli, beets and carrots. The problem is, I’m pretty sure my beets and carrots were eaten by local wildlife – so I have started some in a pot at home with hopes of getting something. The carrots are small right now but I’m still waiting on the beets. I also split my peppermint into multiple starts. The main stem in each has died, but there are little sprouts showing up at the base in each starter pot…

The earthworms I purchased last year have been doing their job. I have plenty of compost at home! It’s fantastic…

What are you planting? Have a delightful day!

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