Accomplishments for March!

I purchase and donate items for the local veteran’s home and to send to the military on a quarterly basis. I already did this earlier in March, but if you would like to join me, please feel free to purchase using the links below. I am an affiliate with and the money I earn through these links will go towards similar book and toiletry purchases and donations in the future. Thank you!

Military Bible for Airmen

Military Bible for Marines

Military Bible for Sailors

Military Bible for Soldiers

768383: Leaving Your Family Behind: Preparing for Military Deployment Leaving Your Family Behind: Preparing for Military Deployment
By Robert Green / New Growth Press
768403: Reuniting After Military Deployment: Help for the Transition Reuniting After Military Deployment: Help for the Transition
By Robert Green / New Growth Press

Your excitement at the prospect of reunion is tempered with anxiety. You have heard the stories of divorce, discouragement, and depression. Will your account be any different? 

In Reuniting after Military Deployment: Help for the Transition, Rob Green assures you that successful reunification is possible because of the help found in Jesus Christ. Green offers practical advice for seeking to understand your spouse’s struggles, reevaluating schedules and responsibilities, and using your new family time with purpose. By taking steps to intentionally transition out of “deployment mode” and back into the unity God has given you as husband and wife, you can rebuild a family that is stronger than ever. 

407146: Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended
By Lina Abujamra / Moody Publishers

In Thrive, Lina AbuJamra – who has been single for over 40 years – will show you how you can make a difference with your life right now instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen to you. If you’re ready to figure out what God has to say about singleness instead of relying on your own feelings and conclusions, this book is for you.

Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended by Lina Abujamra – this one is my personal favorite…

In regards to toiletries, I usually buy large containers of shampoo and body wash to donate to the nearest veteran’s home because this will set them over for awhile; and I have purchased travel containers for shampoo along with the large bottles to be sent overseas before.

I have purchased clothing before; particularly socks and underwear for both men and women in different sizes and varieties.

Ready for March?

Are you ready to get going for this year? I am! This has been a benefit of the pandemic – more time to plant, care for a garden and have homegrown food and herbs.

I have already put out my first crops (plant seeds every two weeks so they mature sequentially & don’t die all at once). It extends the time you can eat from your garden. I started with peas, broccoli, beets and carrots. The problem is, I’m pretty sure my beets and carrots were eaten by local wildlife – so I have started some in a pot at home with hopes of getting something. The carrots are small right now but I’m still waiting on the beets. I also split my peppermint into multiple starts. The main stem in each has died, but there are little sprouts showing up at the base in each starter pot…

The earthworms I purchased last year have been doing their job. I have plenty of compost at home! It’s fantastic…

What are you planting? Have a delightful day!