Wrapping Up Growing Season…

If you live in a warm area, then this isn’t as relevant for you; but for those of us with a distinct winter season – now is the time you may be cleaning up your garden. I’ve already pulled all my dying plants (although I do have a sole broccoli plant that is growing). I chopped up and scattered the garden waste (dead plants) on my plot. I also have a cover crop, which I anticipate will spread and fix the soil. I just have to be cautious that it does not escape the plot (and it has started to spread outside the grow box a couple of times).

I developed symptoms recently; I don’t think I am infected. While I wait for test results to confirm whether I have contracted COVID, I have to wait at home and cannot go to my garden. I do have a small houseplant in my room though, and some herbs and winter starts in the garage. If you have to abandon your plot, we may still have a bit of time this year and you may be able to finish after quarantining for 14 days. I’m going to go back to my broccoli after quarantine is over. It is a plant that does OK in the cold; and we are having a mild winter so far…

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