What Can I Plant at Home?

It is possible to plant some vegetables at home. I have started some tomatoes in my garage this year for next season, and it is possible to start broccoli & carrots now if you haven’t planted them yet – especially if you are growing on a small scale indoors or in front of your house.

Yesterday, I brought my large pots inside (one has blooms and very late watermelon). I also started some winter veggies such as peas (I am planning to add those to the large pot with my yucca plant). I also seeded some carrots alongside my tiny fall tomato sprouts. My plan is to overwinter these starts and repot them outside in spring 2021 when the temperature increases again. Last time, the leaves of the tomatoes turned purple but the plants did not die. Tomatoes are actually perennials, although the majority of people plant them as annuals. Bring any tomato plants that you want to overwinter indoors (i.e. garage, shed, greenhouse) before there is frost. A light frost will kill your tomato plant.

I have been drying and saving some heirloom seeds as well. This was possible because I was already growing heirloom plants before the pandemic began and I have heirloom seeds from previous years – they can be difficult to find in stores. My local garden center introduces seeds for the next year in December; this is when I would recommend buying them and storing them in your refrigerator. A good site that multiple successful gardeners have recommended is Johnny Seeds.

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