What Should I Do During the Pandemic?

Although this is a very difficult time, gardening is actually very practical. You can produce a portion of the food you eat at home, some amendments (such as fertilizer) can be replaced by items like baking soda, the carrot greens you would otherwise toss (unless you feed them to livestock), and or if you have composting worms, they can easily produce homemade compost for with your yard clippings, weeds, etc. unless you treat your lawn with chemicals. It is possible to use vinegar instead of Weed-B-Gone to kill pesky dandelions and I have had success using clove oil to kill thistle in the past. Some plants like lamb’s ear are generally sold as decorative plants, but the leaves are edible. I’ve added mine to a salad.

Lamb’s Ear will fill any pot you place it in… It’s winter hardy; but if you have it in a pot, consider keeping it indoors if you have deep cold days as we do in Indiana.

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