Mixing It Up for March!

Now is the month to choose what you want to plant if you haven’t already & start planning when to start your first seedlings! I myself am thinking of changing things up this year & planting snap peas, lettuce & carrots in my garden in addition to the lavender which is there from last year. I will pull these up when I’m ready to put out my tomatoes; except for maybe my snap peas. They have grown well alongside my tomatoes in the past. I can plant them inside the cages & grow them up the sides. This works because they have shallow roots, while the tomatoes are deep rooted. I plan to leave the scrapped pea plants in the garden to decompose to improve the soil when I pull them. I’m also going to start some herbs here at home…

Interesting books I’ve found…

As an affiliate of Christianbook.com, I found multiple Bibles designated for the military. This time, I ordered the one for the Marines to send on; but there are other options. The last link leads to a book about deployment.

Military Bible for Marines

Military Bible for Sailors

Military Bible for Airmen

Military Bible for Soldiers

Leaving Your Family Behind by Robert Green

The Weather Channel is predicting a cold front coming soon…


It looks like the Midwest will be seeing some cold… Which is why it is important to plan for that. I am hoping to have buckwheat I seeded last year & earlier last month come up; that should help warm the soil. When I’m ready to plant, I can cut it down, spread what I cut down throughout my plot & then seed new plants amidst it. Later on, I will be putting out starts; but I’m thinking I will seed peas, lettuce & some herbs (i.e. basil, lemon balm, etc.) next month.

February – March Reading

I’ve not only been planning a garden, but reading to help me with my plans as well.

This month I hope to finish in the next couple months:

  • “Getting Grants: The Complete Manual of Proposal Development and Administration” by Alexis Carter-Black in the Self-Counsel Press Business Series
  • “Starting & Building a Nonprofit: A Practical Guide” by Peri H. Pakroo, J.D. with nolo.com
  • “El Norte: The Epic & Forgotten Story of Hispanic North America” by Carrie Gibson
  • “Story’s Guide to Raising Horses” by Heather Smith Thomas
  • “Don’t Throw in the Trowl: Vegetable Gardening Month by Month” by Melinda R. Cordell (I plan to use this throughout the year)
  • “Millionaire Women Next Door: The Many Journeys of Successful American Businesswomen” by Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D (I’ve finished this, but am re-reading some sections)
  • “Loving Your Community: Proven Practices for Community-Based Outreach Ministry” by Stephen Viars

Very practical. I like to read on a wide variety of topics.


I just planted this year’s first cover crop a couple weeks ago. It’s chilly; so hopefully my buckwheat does well. My hopes are that it makes it easy to plant vegetables & flowers. I’m going to seed peas in March along with some spinach & a couple types of lettuce. My crocus is already sprouting too.

In regards to my desire to start a small, faith-based nonprofit using equines, I’m saving for now & will revisit the idea quarterly as I make progress. For now, I’m just purchasing items for the local Veteran’s Home such as toiletries, underwear & blankets as well as making donations to nonprofits, including Matrix Lifecare Pregnancy Center, The Heritage Foundation & Vision of Hope.