Today’s Spanish Word of the Day is…

Today’s Spanish Word of the Day is “arrojar”, meaning “to throw, toss, to hurl; to generate, to bring; to emit, to give off, to throw off, to emit, to spew out (lava), to belch out (smoke); to vomit. The reflexive arrojarse means “to jump, to throw yourself, to hurl yourself; to lunge, to fling yourself, to hurt yourself. In Italian, various terms are used including: “lanciare” (stones, baseball), “gettare” (garbage); “buttare” (smoke), “cacciare (via)” (person), “dare” (to give). The reflexive “gettarsi” means “to throw, toss; to throw yourself, to fall into; to fall onto; to flow; to bud; to lay (the foundation of a home). In Portuguese, “expulsar” (to expel, to banish), “arremessar” (to fling, to dart, to launch), “produzir” (produce a result), “projetar” (to project light), “botar para fora” (to vomit). hashtag#spanish hashtag#italian hashtag#portuguese hashtag#translation

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