As I’m seeking a job, I have more time to read.  I typically read multiple books simultaneously.  Thus, although I’m reading Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money, I’m also in the midst of Telephone Interpreting: A Comprehensive Guide to the Profession by Nataly Kelly & the classic The Interpreter’s Rx: A Training Program for Spanish/English Medical Interpreting by Holly Mikkelson.

Both of these have some vocabulary lists in them, but I’ve compiled my own vocabulary lists before & I publish some on my LinkedIn profile.  I seek out definitions in Italian & Portuguese as well so there are English definitions of a total of three languages: Spanish, Italian & Portuguese.

Today’s Italian Word of the Day is “apparire”, meaning “to appear, emerge; to show off, to stand out, to make an impression”. The reflexive, “apparirsi” means, “to seem, to appear; to look (colloquialism)”. In Spanish, “aparecer”, meaning ” to appear, to materialize; to show up, to turn out” is used; with the reflexive “aparecerse” meaning “to appear”. The Portuguese translation, “aparecer” means, “to come into view” while “surgir” (an alternate translation into Portuguese) means, “to appear, to emerge”.

I’ve got tomatoes in my vegetable garden; they’re green & getting closer to being ready to pick.  There’s one cucumber & zucchini keep popping up!  I feel good about how this year has gone thus far in the garden.  I’ve been able to keep the thistle at bay mostly; though that’s always something to work on & watch out for.  It is a very virulent & persistent weed.  I picked a bunch of okra yesterday also…

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