Fall Update

I just finished sewing my second dress…  I used a very light sweater fabric; which in retrospect was probably a bad decision because it was difficult to sew.  I also made the mistake of using a needle meant for sewing heavy fabric for much of the project; which likely accounted for much of that difficulty.  However, being only my second dress; it does have some of the typical flaws of an outfit made by a beginner…

I’m moving on to my third mermaid tail now; which should turn out much better.  As far as sewing goes, my next project will either be a skirt or a set of placemats.

I’m seeking a new job, which takes up my time during the day & in the evening crafts, gardening, reading & sometimes riding are nice ways to spend my time.  I’m working on a book about troops on elephants during WWII right now.  I stop by my garden frequently because the zucchini are producing well this year & I should also have plenty of tomatoes when the time comes.  My broccoli may also die at some point & I can spread the remains as “mulch” near the tomatoes & squash.  I need to start my fall crops – more broccoli & I’ll plant peas in the garden when the time comes along with another round of flowers perhaps.

I will write more later about my Bible reading.  I’m finishing 2 Chronicles now.

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