First Seedlings of the Year (the Earliest Ones)…

Today’s Spanish Word of the Day is “perecer”, meaning “to die, to perish; to die out”. In Italian the appropriate word is “perire”, although it Italian it also can carry the meaning “to disappear” (figuratively, like perhaps disappear in a room) or “to fade” (gradually). In Portuguese, “perecer” is used in the same way as it is in Spanish. However it also is used a couple additional ways. Aside from “to perish”, it can also mean “to be destroyed” or “to pass on”.

My broccoli & cabbage just came out the ground 3 days ago & I also split my chamomile.  I snipped off parts that had died; I also did this to my spider plants & the first one I did it too looks a lot healthier now…  I brought home the rubber tree I was given at work today; I already have some branches I’ve snipped but with the tree I started with, I can be sure to have more if I need it.  My peppermint is also coming back; but it’s not too big yet…

My 2nd year lavender bush is also growing nicely…  My understanding is that it’s important to prune frequently; but not past the 3rd new stub of growth nor into the woody part from last year.  If you do it may not grow again; particularly not if the cutting includes a woody part of the young bush…

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