New addition…

Today’s Spanish Word of the Day is “redondear”; meaning “to make a round shape”, “to complete”, “to estimate, to approximate”, ” to finish up”, or “to put on sound footing”. Add the suffix (-se) for “redondearse” & the meaning changes to “to round off (to the nearest decimal)”, “to become wealthy” or “to get clear of debts”. In Portuguese, “redondear” may be used just as in Spanish or the word “arredondar” unless you’re speaking about an idea or about construction, when “aperfeiçoar” or “dar o acabamento” may be more approriate. In Italian, “concludere” may be used when referring to an evening out or a business circumstance; while “arrotondare” is appropriate for talking about a number, calculation or an object.
This year I decided to try adding some Spanish onion to my plot (since I can plant it early).  I needed something sweet.  I left some herbs to overwinter in my garage & they should be set for transplanting here in the next few weeks.  I need to split the lavender also…

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