I plan to go through my pots & clean them out soon.   It’s very cold here, so I brought some of the houseplants I had in the garage indoors.  However, my peppermint plant is doing great surviving the winter under a grow light.  So is my prickly pear cactus.  I like to start my plants early, as in January for some of the plants that take longer to germinate.  I will leave some (like tomatoes) until March & will start the plants that need warmth still later, but by starting the very first plants in January, it’s possible to have something to put out that can survive the cold & free up space to start other plants for the summer to take the place of the ones you put out in the early spring.  It also allows for great production.

Today’s Spanish Word of the Day is “avidez”, meaning “greed, greediness, desire”.” In Portuguese that would be “avidez” also, while in Italian, the word is “avidità” (according to WordReference). My own Italian dictionary states that “avarizia” is a better word for greediness, unless we’re talking about food, when golosità or ghiottoneria may are alternate (perhaps more precise) options…

I try not to be too greedy with my vegetable garden, but production is best when it’s possible to start seeds early…  Even soaking them in water overnight before planting them can help also.

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