Plans for the 2018 Vegetable Garden

Today I began planning my vegetable garden for next year.  What do I want to plant?  Do I want to plant more of this & less of that?  I’ve also begun looking at when I want to seed my starter plants at home.  I’m starting my very first plants indoors in January, because the first round of thyme & parsley should be started early.  Next thing you know I’ll probably start peas in February & tomatoes in March.  I also have some new flowers I’m trying this year.

I’ve also completed plans for the layout of my garden.  A garden should be laid out differently every year because different plants put different nutrients in the soil & it does affect how the other plants around it grow.  This year I’m also planning to place more flowers aside my vegetables & herbs for ground cover to protect against weeds.  I may use lemon balm again.  Those plants grew nicely last year & covered the ground well…

I also enjoy languages.  Today’s Word of the Day for me is “perspicacious”; A perspicacious person is someone with acute mental vision or discernment: keen.  The word in Spanish would be “perspicaz”, “sagaz” (sharp, clever) or “intuitivo/intuitiva” (intuitive). Italian is “perspicace” or “acuto” (sharp, acute). If we’re speaking in Portuguese, the word “perspicaz” can be used, same as Spanish…

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