September Update

Yesterday I pulled my 3rd tomato plant that was dying… my basil is still thriving though!  I also think covering my cantaloupe must have been a smart idea, because I’m getting fruit!  It has just come to mind to take the tomato cage & use it to support the cantaloupe; that may be a good option also.  I still have a lot of thistle; but I did find a natural mixture that has been helping me kill it!

I found a recipe that mentioned mixing a pinch of salt, some 20 oz (maybe?) of distilled white vinegar & 20 drops of clove oil.  Someone else in the garden had previously tried to kill thistle with the white vinegar & was unsuccessful; so I think it’s the clove oil that helps.  It’s certainly beginning to get the job done.  I found a couple dead thistle yesterday; plus some that were in the process of dying.  This mix does kill everything it touches though; so I have to be super careful not to get it on my vegetables.  I harvested my first couple pods of peas yesterday & I want to keep those.

I did find some squash bugs inside the panty hose I used to cover a pumpkin though; so maybe it needs to be replaced?  I wonder if the bug snuck in through a hole…

The Fall

As we near the end of the gardening season, pea plants are just beginning to produce again; mine just have flowers right now.  Pumpkins are beginning to ripen also.  I had one melon that rotted; but I need to check that there are not others which are healthy & ready to pick…

My basil plants are also still producing well; along with the oregano.  Plus, the lemon balm.  I’m not sure what to do with that besides clip bits of it & spread it throughout the garden to deter pests & so that it produces a nice citrus smell; but that is OK.